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如來神掌(上集) en Streaming VF

Buddha's Palm Part 1 en Streaming VF

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Lung Kim-fei is disfigured and abandoned by his female junior disciple before running into an ambush sprung by her husband Auyeung Ho. The mythical condor of Wicked God of Fiery Cloud, Ku Hon-wan, flies the man in distress to safety. The master imparts his adopted son the skill of the Buddha’s Palm. A vicious duel six decades ago with Suen Bik-ling, dubbed the Capricious Flying Ring, left both challengers blind. To pay his debt of gratitude, Lung sets out to obtain the cure—treasure of the golden dragon—and wrestles to save Suen’s granddaughters Kau Yuk-wah and Yuk-kuen who come under the attack of a unicorn while seeking the cure..
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如來神掌(上集) Film Streaming VF Buddha's Palm Part 1 En Streaming VF 如來神掌(上集) Streaming Gratuit Buddha's Palm Part 1 Film Complet 如來神掌(上集) Stream Complet Buddha's Palm Part 1 Wiflix 如來神掌(上集) French Stream
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